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フレイザーI'm 20 years old. I'm incredibly lazy. anime and manga pretty much run my life. i play a lot of video games.


Oldest Mask
The oldest mask in the world, around 9000 years old.


Oldest Mask

The oldest mask in the world, around 9000 years old.

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History is written by the victors. But even if the radiant sunlight hides the lights of the smaller stars, even if those lights never reach the people, there exists a star, who risks its life to shine brightly.

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"When I first found out I’ll be playing the important role of Gintoki, I wanted to prove myself to the awesome senpai around me as fast as I could. So I did a lot of show-off. But it shouldn’t be like that. It should be more… Gintoki lives with a lot of people’s support, and there are more important things when it comes to playing the main character. When I started thinking this way, I think I started to change. One person fighting alone can only obtain answers that belong to himself. If that’s the case, the show won’t be as funny. This is what I learned from playing Gintoki. …I’ll move on to battle from now on, because the character has a strong personality. There’s times when you can’t be bound by the character himself. If I have the chance to play Gintoki again, I’ll correct my mistakes and use the other experiences in my life to play a better Gintoki. Or maybe these things don’t have much meaning when it comes to playing Gintoki. Whether it’s good or not, it’s for the audience to decide. (x)” Sakata Gintoki’s seiyuu - Sugita Tomokazu

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Sakata-kun was initially planned out as a character with a laid-back attitude whose charm was in his motivation gap, but gradually he became a piece of trash with no motivation at all. I’ve been asked if I feel self-conscious or guilty about it for such a long time that I don’t listen to these sermons anymore. Please self-consciously continue being a shounen-manga protagonist for a little longer. - Sorachi Hideaki (x)
Happy Birthday Gin-san!

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